We offer clients a wide range of taxation services. Our approach combines both fast and accurate practice with technical background to help your company to be tax savvy.

In this fast paced business environment, high quality tax planning and advice can give your business a distinct competitive advantage.

That is why we offer a full range of taxation services which are designed to help you to apply the most cost-effective tax strategies and adhering to the regulations at the same time. With our local industry knowledge and a team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to assisting you to handle your scenarios from any tax perspective.

Whether you are an individual, partnership, private limited company or public listed company, we are able to offer you in the following areas:
  • Individual tax compliance and advisory
  • Corporate tax compliance and advisory
  • Tax planning and advisory
  • Tax audit and investigations
  • Tax incentives (E.g. Pioneer status, investment tax allowance, reinvestment allowance, export incentives, etc)
  • Indirect taxes
  • GST compliance and advisory
  • Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT)
Here, our tax planning and advice are tailored made to meet the needs of each business. From completing forms to reviewing financial statements, we can prepare your taxes with true precision.