Maxwell Millionpreneur Club


Maxwell Millionpreneur Club was set up under Maxwell Group to provide a platform for investor or entrepreneur to expand his network, to get together, exchange ideas, to share knowledge and information on investing and to explore business opportunities.

Although many people would prefer to invest and do business on their own, however, it is not worth the risk to do it on your own. In today’s competitive and fast changing world, we believe that team work and sharing are the two key factors to remain competitive.

In Maxwell Millionpreneur Club, we emphasize not only to learn, live and succeed for your personal benefit but also to give back to the society and next generations. Here, we also emphasize on corporate social responsibility, therefore, charity is one of the activities of the club, we always believe that – the more you give, the more you get.

The key focus of the club are:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment
  • Charity

Whether you are:

  • Entrepreneur or investor
  • Businessman or self employed
  • Professional or an employee

We are open to like-minded people who are seeking investment and business opportunities, if you are one of them, we welcome you to be part of us.

The benefits of the member are:

  • You may enjoy member rate when participating in any of our training or courses.
  • You may expand your personal and business network.
  • You may get the first hand information on our latest events.
  • You will be invited to be our close group member in facebook and enjoy the information shared by us or other members. You may also share information with other members.
  • You will be invited to our club meeting where information will be shared.
  • You may enjoy bargaining advantages through group purchase.

So Kindly get your membership today! We look forward to having you on board.